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7 Quick Takes: 106

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about man voice, last minute travel, and recording your own audiobook in a bad accent

Hosted by the lovely Jen. And post 4/7. Woohoo.

1. Yeah so the last time I’ve done one of these was in June. I started writing a few on my running blog. And then I stopped. So I’m just going to keep going on this one. I decided that I’m going to keep writing randomly in this blog when a thought crops into my head that doesn’t belong on my other blog or on Fine Linen and Purple.

2. Jim and I adopted an adorable dog that we named Jax. He is seriously the best.

3. Jim and I are Godparents! Our friend Kiera just had an adorable daughter named Helena Perpetua (and isn’t her name just fantastic?) She posted her birth story yesterday so you should all go check it out!

4. Jim and I also have a new nephew. Kendra and Steve had Ivan a little over a month ago. He’s the cutest!

5. Is spring ever going to come? It was -3 when I woke up this morning. Needless to say I really didn’t want to take Jax for a walk (thanks Jim for doing that haha). We’ve had literally the worst winter in 20 years. And of course we were going to wait until next year to buy a snow blower. Go figure.

6. If you haven’t read my posts from this week here they are linked in one place for your enjoyment
An open letter to engaged women
Screen-free bedroom?
Hating my body for no reason

7. My throwback Thursday picture from yesterday I decided to share with you all. You’re welcome.

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  1. Your puppy dog is sooo cute and I am just dying looking at your throwback photo haha!! Thanks for the laugh!🙂

  2. We’re hoping to catch a snow blower on sale in about a month. But the way this winter is going, they probably won’t be on sale until July since it will just keep snowing or something awful like that.

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