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Hating my body for no reason.

How many of you have hated the way you look at one time or another? I see a lot of hands out there. Know that you’re not alone.  It’s a constant struggle to love ourselves and the way we look.

If you’ve read my blog before, I have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It sucks, in short. My weight has yo-yoed pretty much all of my life. I’ll gain weight, lose it, gain it back, and the vicious cycle keeps going. And it’s hard when I’m at my high weights to love myself. It’s hard to wake up and feel beautiful when I know how fast I’ve gained 20 pounds.

And what for? Why do I hate my body so much? Is it because I don’t feel as beautiful as I did on my wedding day? Is it because I look at my pictures from high school and laugh at the fact I thought I was overweight then? Is it because I’m ashamed I can’t keep my weight at a decent level?

Really, there is no point. What’s the point of hating your body when there’s really nothing to hate? God designed us the way that HE wanted to. Sometimes I forget to remember that. This is something that I’ve struggled with pretty much my entire life. There’s no need to dwell on it, either. I should be proud of the way that I look and how I’m doing things in my power to remain healthy!


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  1. It’s easy to see every little flaw when we live in a world with strict standards for beauty which are then used to assign worth to us, specifically as women.

    When I look in the mirror, I see this person that I am now who is so much better than who I used to be. I see the person I always wished to be. And that’s all great until I start picking myself apart. For me, the reasons are much different than for you. I’ll stand there and say to myself “your hairline is too masculine.” “Your hands are too big.” “What’s up clown feet?” “Why is your nose the size of Texas and why the heck is it pointing over that way?”

    It really never ends. But it’s important not to let these things define us or affect our self-worth. You’re beautiful because of who you are, not because of how much or how little you weigh.

    • Thank you so much for this. I know I’m not the only one who struggles but for any woman it is so hard to remain self-confident when there are so many reasons and influences telling you otherwise.

  2. i love you.
    and i understand, in my own (because this kind of stuff is so uniquely personal) way.

  3. Great post. I think we all struggle with body image at some points and can always use a reminder of just how beautiful God made us.

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