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Screen-free bedroom?

There was a discussion in one of my Facebook groups about having a screen-free bedroom. And it really resonated with me. I am on my phone or iPad pretty much until I sleep and 80% of the time the TV is on. I’m starting to think that this isn’t going to be good for our marriage in the long run.

To give you some background, I’m pretty much attached to my phone (and it’s something I really need to work on). Jim is not. We both have smartphones but he’s much.. er.. smarter with his (see what I did there?) The problem is that I’m spending too much time in social media world and not enough time talking and getting to know my husband on a deeper level. I love the nights where we cuddle and just talk for a long time instead of watching TV or playing on my iPad.

This is something that I know I definitely need to improve within our marriage. I need to give up my phone when I lay down. I need to turn off the Internet at bedtime and spend more time with my husband. I have all day for that! I don’t need to let it impede on my relationship too.

What about you? Do you have a screen-free bedroom? Would you consider one?

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  1. We have a no TV in the bedroom policy in my house. My wife hates it, but I stand firm on that one. I think it’s bad for sleep quality and the amount of sleep we get.

    Unfortunately, in the last couple years, I’ve let my phone and iPad take over in the bedroom. At first, it was nice to lay down and read before going to bed, but now I stay up later and even fight falling asleep just to keep up with Twitter. And even once I finally put the phone down and roll over to go to sleep, I roll back every time I hear my phone vibrate with a new notification. This has also had a negative affect on my relationship with my wife. I feel like we’re less close now. Instead of talking and cuddling before sleep, we have our faces glued to our phones.

    I would love to give up the phone and iPad in the bedroom and go back to being completely screen free. I think I slept better and more and I felt like my wife and I were closer.

  2. I hear ya! My Jim has to sometimes tell me to put it away during a movie or TV show, who knew now it was so hard to watch a 30 minute show without the phone. We don’t have a TV in our room for the reason you mentioned, I think that would make it harder for us.

  3. I am unmarried but I plan on having a TV-free bedroom. The screen has taken over enough of our lives and I won’t let it have the chance of taking over my marriage.

  4. We have a TV-free bedroom (we don’t have cable TV so there isn’t really anything to watch anyways) but sometimes I bring my phone, laptop or kindle into the bedroom and it is always better when I don’t.

  5. We only have one TV in the living room. That is how I grew up so I am used to it. We both have iPads but we leave them on the computer desk in the living room at night. I do take my phone to the bedroom but only to use it as an alarm. We are both in front of a screen so much of the day that I love having the bedroom be screen free!

  6. We both agreed to not have a tv in the bedroom, ever, but we are not big tv watchers anyway. Our phones are a bigger problem. I’m starting to charge my phone in another room, so it’s away from me once I’m ready for bed, and my husband would like to be less phone-attached, too.

  7. Carol

    Put those phones away! Tell yourself that you live in pre-social media time. Set a time limit for all of your social media stuff and stick to it.

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